16 April 2013

This is the end, for now

Hey there,

The development of the tool will be discontinued. I lost my interest in the game, and that's what kept me updating the tool after each update.
Thanks everyone who used it so far and sorry to the ones who really liked it.
Maybe in the future, if i manage to play again, i will resume the development, but i don't see that happening in a near future.

As always, i will still be available to help someone who needs help with anything related to the excel. Even if you want to modify the tool to do something you like and you feel like a noob in excel, feel free to ask!

Fotomik / Holy Fool

12 September 2012

3.7 - The Baliff Update

  • "Gold" sheet has 2 new features, that allow you to register your earnings on Ballif and also see your earnings per hour if you plant and work on Baliff at the same time.
  • Some minor changes on "Laboratory sheet", including some minor errors fixed, layout adjustments and also a new option. Also the level of the lab is now indicated by a drop-down box, not an editable yellow cell.
  • The "Noob Time" on Miramagia is not equal to +2 fairies anymore. Since the last patch the time is now equal to +5 fairies.
  • Language and display minor tweaks.

22 July 2012

3.6 - Summer Update!

On May a big update was made on the game. To cover up that, the tool was also updated a few days later. Though, there were a few things missing on it, that are already on this new version of the tool. Also, i made some improvements. Such as:

  • You don't need to choose between "After Update" and "Before Update" on the first sheet. All the grow times are now "After Update" ones, since the patch of May was already implemented in all Miramagia servers.
  • Share Experience Levels. Since the one thing on the new patch was the Share Experience spell having now 10 levels, so in all the features related with experience you have to input the level of the spell applied on your fields.
  • More infos on Laboratory sheet.
  • Other minor improvements.

15 May 2012

Update 3.5a - Grow time of 9 plants reduced

This update on the game made 9 plants take less time to grow, what means that the tool also needed to be update. And this is what this 3.5a update was made for: made the new times match the the indicated on the tool. At the time i'm writing this, only .de servers have the new changes, so for now on "Best Plants" page on the top of time table you can select if you want have the times before or after the game update. Only those who play on .de servers may want to select "After Update" option. As soon as the game update is running on all servers, i will release the 3.5b version, that will not have this option of chose the times before and after update - it will have only the "after" times.

Apart from that, i added some other 2 things on this version:
  • Noob time - It seems that when you account it's new, you have 2 more fairies than usual. So, if you have an account or you transformed 1 week ago or less, you may have "Noob Time" selected. You can find detailed help about this on the tool itself.
  • New options to see the bonus on "Laboratory" sheet. I let this one to you find out! 

17 April 2012

Update 3.4 - Plus & Club

Changelog for the today's update:
  • On "Best Plants & Market" sheet you now should introduce if you have plus and club account (formely only the plus choise was available). See the picture on the end of the post.
  • On "Laboratory Viewer" sheet you can select the items from golden daily quests.
  • Some improvements on the code.
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10 March 2012

3.3 - Alchemy Update

With the introduction of Alchemy Quests on the game i found the tool also should have something related. The reason of the delay between this Alchemy update and the game update is that i also spend some time improving other things on the tool, and the changelog for this 3.3 it's a bit longer than usual:

- Added one plant: Premium plant (seasonal) Formely you could only choose the default premium plant of the game, but for experience calculations, the normal premium plant and the event one are not the same. That's why on the tool now appears as 2 different plants. Note that this seasonal premium plant is the one that appears in any special event.
- Removed Premium plant from the "Prices & Market Calculator" list.
- Added new ways to see the times! On previous versions, all the times the tool gives to you appears in the hh:mm:ss format. This format it's not the most appropriate for very long times, for example. Now you have an option to see times in hours, days, etc...
- Fixed a bug on Gold Calculator. The value of "Times you need to plant" could miss the real value for 1 or 2. Not anymore.
- More infos about your progress on "Experience" sheet. You can now see your overall progress from level 1 to 100. Also you have the option to insert a value of experience and then excel gives you the level of the player.
- Alchemy Stats! If you indicate the alchemy quests you made, you can see a bunch of infos about your progress.
- All "Laboratory Viewer" sheet was improved. Looks a lot better now!

30 January 2012

3.2 Update

One of problems i had when developing this tool was the time plants take to grow. The problem is that the fairies and dragon behavior on reducing the time is not regular. Due to that, for some of you, the tool were not probably giving you the times you saw on game. Now, with a better understanding how fairies really work, i changed the code and now, in every circumstance, using the tool you should get the correct times for every plant. Also i think that share how fairies really work with you guys could be useful for you, so here is the page in which i explain how you calculate how many fairies you really have (note that count the ones you have flying arround on the field is not good idea).

Detailed changelog for 3.2:
  • Grow Time calculation bug fixed.
  • Experience calculator now supports up to level 106 (formerly 100).
  • Language sheet was put as hide.
  • Bonus from transformation was being added to base circle production + lab item production. Now it is only added to the base circle production as should be.